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Publishing and the Written Word!

Communication is King in Today's World.

The world has become incredibly savvy regarding communications.  Bad communications tell the recipients a story in itself beyond the message you want to convey.  Every word counts as you build the story you want to tell.

Gabberz is 3 million words strong (zero AI) in numerous venues, genres, and categories.  If you are considering Gabberz for your technical or business communication needs, poke through the following examples to get a feeling for skills, styles, and approaches.

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Substack:  "The Art of Unintended Consequences"

For something a little different, visit David's Substack, "The Art of Unintended Consequences" where he explores what happens when things go quite differently from what was intended.  

Real-world tales of joy, sorrow, and events that make you wonder, “what the hell?”  Okay, sometimes he does tweak the truth just a touch to give them a life of their own in new and exciting ways.

The “event” is the topic, but the “STORY” is what brings that event to lifeHow could simple decisions result in such catastrophes? If you had turned left instead of right on that fateful day, how different would your life be today?

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Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, and Teens - Confidence for Life!

Now it is possible to develop self-confidence and powerful leadership and social interaction skills at home.

Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, and Teens single-student edition is a do-it-yourself at home public speaking training program designed for youth ages 8 to 18. The parents/instructor and student do NOT need to know anything about public speaking to use this program.

This program includes over 260 pages that make no assumptions about previous knowledge or skills. All the tools and information you need are included. Most importantly, this is NOT just a book to read. This instructional guide is an interactive and entertaining experience that trains through active exercises at every step.

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More Books Coming Soon!

Other books are in development and will be published soon.  Please sign up for our mailing list for exciting news and releases.

Leadership, Communications, and Public Speaking for Youth!

Exciting new book takes a light humorous look at serious life skills. For ages 12 and up, the book brings together the skills necessary to lead and be competitive in today's world.  This guide walks readers through not only what it takes to lead, but provides exercises and tools needed to put practice those skills and hone them into powerful life skillsPublication in late 2023.

Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, and Teens, LEVEL 2

Exciting follow-up book that picks up where Level 1 left off to hone speaking skills even more and take youth out into a competitive world.  Completion of Level 1 (above) is highly recommended before moving on to Level 2.  Publication in early 2024.

The State of our Educational System

[Working title.]  A challenging look at the state of our educational system, where it is going, and how it might evolve to better serve children and parents.  Drawing on events and research of the last several years, this book digs deep into root causes and how to prevent future failure.  Publication in late 2023.

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Need even more?   There is no official blog, but visit David's LinkedIn profile and explore various writings, postings, articles, and other information such as endorsements for his services.  If you are seeking more information on any of our services or would like David to reach out to you, just leave a message here on the Contact Us page or on his LinkedIn profile page.

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Reach Out to Learn More!

Use the Contact Form on the Contact Us page or leave a message on David's LinkedIn page to learn more about how Gabberz can help you and/or your business take the steps needed to win.  We know how important your time is, so we will reach back to you very quickly.

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