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Orals Coaching and Bid Support

25+ Years of Winning Bid & Solicitation Support

Providing professional Bid and Solicitation support for over 25 years.  Proven BD experience building powerful teams that have generated over $4 Billion in strategic business wins.  

Team Building, Leadership, and Training techniques bring diverse groups of people together into a cohesive unit that demonstrates to prospective clients your ability to work together to get the job done.

Full-Scope support on bids ranging from $100K to $100M to over $1B in both B2G and B2B environments. Gabberz offers experience in a broad arena of support across the spectrum to ensure we understand your needs, as well as your clients' (see lists below).

Support Services

  • Orals Coaching

  • Proposal Management

  • Volume Lead

  • Technical Writing

  • Presentation Development

  • Color Team Reviews

  • Training

  • Write-to-Win

  • Editing and Reviewing

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Validation and Compliance

  • Other Support Services as Needed

Arenas of Support

  • Technical and IT support services

  • Programming and development

  • Staffing permanent

  • Staffing temporary

  • Base Operations

  • IT security

  • Physical security

  • Investigations and Adjudications

  • Analytics, Regulatory, IV&V

  • Business Analysis

  • Training and coaching

  • Program management

  • Healthcare services

  • And numerous other areas

"He recognizes that this is more art than science and is quick to design and implement approaches to meet the needs and mental states of his students. His emotional intelligence and insight into others is invaluable to doing this well."  - RN

"Calm, unflappable, and ability to prioritize: all necessary ingredients to success."  - JM

"He provided valuable leadership throughout... demonstrating strong knowledge of the customer needs and how the orals should be conducted. He is a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable of the process."  - EZ

"I found his skills in this area to be extraordinary.  I learned much from him."  - MC

"Excellent leadership and mentoring created a cohesive team that performed very well at the oral presentation.  Successfully coached a member of the team, who was uncomfortable with public speaking in techniques that allowed the team member to present their information confidently to the selection panel.


Overall, I highly recommend David to anyone... His knowledge of the process, coupled with his ability to relate with members of the team in a way that allows him to help them prepare for the event, make him an excellent teacher and coach."  - RB

"His experience with complex government oral proposals is a firm foundation for working with organizations and individuals who want to be relaxed, confident, full of energy, and self-confident."  - MG

Agencies Bid To:

(Partial List)

  • Air Force

  • Army

  • ATF

  • CBP

  • CISA

  • Coast Guard

  • DHS

  • DIA

  • Department of Commerce

  • DOD

  • DOE

  • DOS

  • FAA

  • FEMA

  • FBI

  • GAO

  • Intelligence Community

  • GSA

  • ICE

  • IC (Intelligence Community)

  • Marine Corps

  • NASA

  • Navy

  • NGA

  • NIH

  • VA/VBA

  • NSA

  • OPM

  • TSA


  • USPS

  • and many others

Reach Out to Learn More!

Use the Contact Form on the Contact Us page or leave a message on David's LinkedIn page to learn more about how Gabberz can help you and/or your business take the steps needed to win.  We know how important your time is, so we will reach back to you very quickly.

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