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Over $4 Billion in wins for our clients. Proven Business Development consulting for all size organizations or take advantage of our powerful Small Business Contract Growth Program.

Orals Coaching
& Presentations
for All Government Contractors

Over $4 Billion in WINS for our clients through winning consulting support:

  • Orals Coaching

  • Team Building

  • Presentation Builds

  • Proposal Management

  • Technical Writing

  • Business Dev. Support

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Gabberz Orals Coach Man with Pointer

Small Business Growth Program
for SB Government Contractors

Unique program to help small government contractors leverage contracts for explosive growth potential.

  • Become the Sub-Contractor of Choice

  • Win and Leverage Multiple Contracts

  • Earn Powerful Past Experience References

Gabberz Small Business Growth Program Button

Books, Blogs, & Writing
for Everyone in Life & Business

Over 3 million words strong to drive business growth and personal learning:

  • LinkedIn: Articles, Postings, Endorsements

  • Technical Writing

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Gabberz Book, Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Over $4 Billion in Wins!

Upcoming bid values from $100K to $100M+.

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About Gabberz

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David Nemzoff picture with guitars.  For Orals Coaching.

Gabberz was founded by David Nemzoff.  He has been helping people and businesses grow through consulting, coaching, and training support for over 25 years.  His support in business development, personal development, public speaking, orals coaching, proposal management, and more have resulted in over $4 Billion in competitive business wins for his clients.

Gabberz works with business owners, managers, executives, program personnel, business development teams, and others to develop their communication skills, connect with their audience, and develop powerful, winning presentations and proposals that have resulted in continuous growth for his clients.  Learn more about David Nemzoff and Gabberz on LinkedIn.

Gabberz has supported businesses of all sizes from micro to global enterprises in various consulting roles for businesses in the private sector and government contracting sectors to include IT, technical support services, staffing, security, weapons, aerospace, financial, educational, training, and many others.  His services focused on personal and business growth and development to help put these businesses on a path of continuous improvement.

Throughout his career providing consulting support to hundreds of businesses, David developed a Small Government Contractor Growth Accelerator Program that focuses on helping micro and small businesses grow their Past Experience portfolios and build a pathway to bidding on larger prime contracts.  Visit the SB Growth Program page for more information.

David is also a prolific writer having written over 3 million words in various genres including technical writing, nonfiction, fiction, marketing, training, and throughout all business arenas.  His public writings can be found on LinkedIn and through his Substack, "The Art of Unintended Consequences."  Visit the Publishing page for more information.

His book, "Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, and Teens - Confidence for Life!" is available on Amazon and other book outlets.  This public speaking training guide for youth is an outrageously fun, intensive, self-directed training program for 8 to 18-year-olds.  The program is 
designed to help youth from all walks of life develop a powerful voice to influence their own amazing futures.

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Gabberz Imprint Logo for Orals Coaching and Proposal Support.

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Use the Contact Form above or on the Contact Us page to reach out for more information about how Gabberz can help you and/or your business take the steps needed to win.  We know how important time is, so we will reach back to you very quickly.

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